Welcome to Parent Portal

*Attention New Student Enrollment*

In order to enroll a new student at Clyde CISD, you will need to complete the following steps.  Your student will not be enrolled until the first week of August, when campus office staff return.  

1.  Create a Parent Portal Account

2.  Complete all forms, and upload all required documents. A valid email address for parent/guardian is required.

3.  If your student needs transportation to/from school, contact the transportation office to make arrangements-325-893-3225.

4.  Upon enrollment, you will receive a Portal ID in the email you provide, enter this Portal ID in your Parent Portal account.

5.  Complete the additional forms in "Student Data Maintenance-New Enrollment"




Anytime your child is absent, that absence is an Unexcused absence until your campus attendance clerk receives a phone call and/or a note from the parent/guardian.  Please give up to three days for the Unexcused absence to be coded according to the reason given. 


~When a student is absent due to an appointment with a health care professional and the appointment is supported by a document such as a note from the health care professional, the student is considered in attendance. The student must be in class at least a portion of the day to be considered present. 19 TAC 129.21(k), TEC 25.087(b)(1)(A)