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Anytime your child is absent, that absence is an Unexcused absence until your campus attendance clerk receives a note from the parent/guardian.  

 ~When a student is absent due to an appointment with a health care professional and the appointment is supported by a document such as a note from the health care professional, the student is considered in attendance. The student must be in class at least a portion of the day to be considered present. 19 TAC 129.21(k), TEC 25.087(b)(1)(A)


*Attention New Student Enrollment*

In order to enroll a new student at Clyde CISD, you will need to complete the following steps.  

1.  Create a Parent Portal Account

2.  Complete all forms, and upload all required documents. A valid email address for parent/guardian is required.

3.  If your student needs transportation to/from school, contact the transportation office to make arrangements 325-893-3225.

4.  Upon enrollment, you will receive a Portal ID in the email you provide, enter this Portal ID in your Parent Portal account.

5.  Complete the remaining Registration forms.